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The Plukka Value Proposition (PVP)

The Plukka Value Proposition (PVP) is our patented sales model which eliminates middle men and brings you extraordinary value in 18K gold, silver, gemstones and diamonds through timed sales events. In a nutshell, the price of an item varies directly accordling to the number of people who purchase the item. Our unique sliding scale (user interface, patent pending) directly reflects this relationship with the price falling, as more customers commit to purchase an item.

"Cosimo" Ring

by Plukka
Diamond, Silver & 18K Gold Ring
Event Closed

This ring is a jewel that would make Talitha Getty smile. A tall, central oval plaque is set with generously sized rose-cut diamonds then framed by a border of smaller diamonds. The black rhodium sterling silver stone setting creates a strong black and white contrast delineating the irregular outline of each rose-cut diamond. The entire oval plaque is set on top of a 18K yellow gold band. This masterpiece of boho luxe contains 1.50 carats of diamonds.


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"Cosimo" Ring

By Plukka
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