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The Plukka Value Proposition (PVP)

The Plukka Value Proposition (PVP) is our patented sales model which eliminates middle men and brings you extraordinary value in 18K gold, silver, gemstones and diamonds through timed sales events. In a nutshell, the price of an item varies directly accordling to the number of people who purchase the item. Our unique sliding scale (user interface, patent pending) directly reflects this relationship with the price falling, as more customers commit to purchase an item.

"Seraph" Ring

by Plukka
Sterling Silver Ring
Event Closed

This intricately worked sterling silver feather ring is beautiful because of its detailed craftmanship and elegant line on the finger. It's a great stand-alone or layering piece depending on your personal style and works with well with everything from lace to skulls and in between.


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"Seraph" Ring

By Plukka
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