Bernard Delettrez

No doubt about it, Bernard Delettrez is, hands down, the most original and free-thinking designer we’ve met for a long time – maybe ever. For thirty years, he’s marched (or, rather, clapped) to the beat of his own drum, becoming obsessed with stones that were considered cheap or outré, like rock crystal and tanzanite, when they first appeared on the market (only for them to become wildly popular later). Ditto for many of his ideas, such as the eye. “Everyone thought I was crazy when I introduced it twelve years ago but it’s become my most copied piece.” Copying is undoubtedly the price of an imagination that is so boundless and prolific that Delettrez frequently needs to stop his moto...

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Jennifer Creel

Jennifer Creel‘s personalized jewels are traced in her own history, growing up on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, each piece anchored in her personal narrative: “The jewelry is like a memory. It’s very raw for me, exposing my true colors and how I was brought up. These pieces were very memorable moments in my life [and] are associated with a specific time, event or period. Each piece brings you back to that time, that emotion, and makes you nostalgic, sentimental. If you can create something tactile, if you can let your friends and children have a moment of your life, that’s a lovely thing. This jewelry [is] the story of who the person is.” The letter charm bracelet (pictured below), for e...

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Bjoon Kim

Growing up in the jewelry industry where he played with rubies, sapphires and emeralds on the floor of his mother’s workshop as a young child, Bjoon Kim eschewed traditional form from the beginning. To his mind, the most “boring” setting of all is the single gemstone surrounded by diamonds. Therefore, his first idea was to flip the concept on its head and create a setting where the gemstone held the metal rather than the other way around. However, he soon realized idiosyncratic, intellectual larks were no way to sell jewelry in the real world. Rather, he tempered his original vision and began adding surprising and unconventional details to “normal” pieces sold by his mother. In 2014, Kim cre...

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Sophie Birgitt

Sophie-Birgitt Debuf confesses in our interview that her father, a top Belgian interior and architectural designer, "is a perfectionist obsessed with details and he passed that on to me." That almost pathological commitment to precision is reflected in her debut collection for her eponymous brand, Sophie Birgitt. Debuf got into jewelrymaking because she needed a clasp for a bracelet and contacted bench jeweler, Nathalie Melville, to learn how to make it. Her casual foray into jewelry quickly became her dominating passion. Debuf discovered an affinity for metal which was immediate and visceral. "Metal is not like a pencil. You can’t just erase it and wipe it out. You invest in two days of wor...

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Jurio Fujita

Self-taught master jeweler, Jurio Fujita has been making jewelry by hand for over 42 years now. Led by instinct and, literally, vibration, more than any rational impulse, Fujita has created jewelry inspired by faces, ancient carvings and even the Kobe earthquake. His iconic face rings are distinguished by their otherworldly, elongated phrenology. Another hallmark of Fujita’s oeuvre are his jewels based on ancient Greco-Roman intaglios. Years ago, one of Fujita’s clients said of an intaglio he was wearing, “This is my power…The intaglio is about knowledge in ancient times. The important thing is good carving. I hold it in my hand and feel something…I found a big rock in the center of [what’s ...

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