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Ona Chan

From an early age, Ona Chan loved drawing and creating. But it was really in the late 90s that Chan discovered her true vocation, bringing objects to life with her hands and, specifically, wax carving. Ona loves to use her hands: Carving is like yoga for me. It takes me to a different place because its so focused. Moreover, I cant get something out of my mind until its a three dimensional object. It doesnt exist until it comes out in the real world. Chans pieces are unified by her design ethos that there is strength in simplicity as well as the way she dresses and accessorizes in real life, perpetually toggling between work and family while wearing the same bold jewelry piece. When describing the woman who is drawn to her jewelry, Chan constantly peppers her descriptions of her with words like bold, adventurous, curious and open-minded. Indeed, it is precisely these traits which led to the creation of her Lattice pieces: while Chan was on vacation in storied Lijiang province in China, she kept on seeing this ancient pattern on door and window frames. Similarly, Chan created the Bark Candy and Penny rings when she couldnt find what she was looking for in the market. If theres one thing Chan knows, its how to seize the initiative and make it real.

Ona Chan
US$ 690
Ona Chan
US$ 2,250