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Bridget King

If theres one thing about Bridget King, it is her unflagging commitment to precision, detail, and, well, perfection. After all, the greatest brands and designers vet, test and filter to death before letting a new style or product see the light of day. With a long history designing the equivalent of today's fast fashion, with production runs of up to ten thousand garments, King understands the importance of feeling completely convinced about a product before pulling the trigger on a giant manufacturing run. It is this unfailing dedication to getting each piece perfect which underpins every single King design, even if, now, each piece is crafted by hand. Designs which look dead simple are actually the product of tens of hours of tweaking. In Kings Icon diamond stick earrings, she carefully graded the earring so that it is just a few millimeters wider at the bottom than the top to create the illusion of a perfect straight line suspended from the ear. Moreover, the increased width guarantees an elegant swing of the earring due to the additional weight. A glance at Kings collection reveals that earrings are her forte. King explains, "People will always look at you when they talk to you. They notice your hair, your face and your earrings. Earrings are like your hair. Its on your head. You notice it. We agree, detail counts and, no doubt about it, King is the Queen of Detail!

Bridget King
US$ 700
Bridget King
US$ 1,300
Bridget King
US$ 1,500
Bridget King
US$ 1,800
Bridget King
US$ 1,900
Bridget King
US$ 2,400