Above: #LeTourDeBochic, a groundbreaking and spectacular visual odyssey by Instagram artist, Murad Osmann.

Plukka is the exclusive online jewelry partner for #LeTourDeBochic, an extraordinary visual odyssey captained by Russian artist, Murad Osmann and commissioned by fine jewelry brand, Bochic, to celebrate their shared artistic inspiration from exotic cultures, both ancient and contemporary, from around the world. Bochic founder and creative director, David Joseph stumbled across Osmann’s #FollowMeTo Instagram campaign two years ago and immediately fell in love with the Russian’s visually rich images of his girlfriend, Natalia Zakharova, posted from locations all over the world. Sensing that Osmann’s images dovetailed perfectly with Bochic’s creative modus operandi of traveling to storied destinations to witness artistic traditions and material culture firsthand, Joseph contacted him to collaborate. The result is #LeTourDeBochic” — a year-long series of new images of Joseph’s muse, Zakharova, shot by Osmann in far-flung locations which have inspired the jewelry brand’s creative narrative. In these collaborative images, Zakharova, whom Joseph terms “the Bochic Woman”, sports the brand’s jewelry as she strikes a pose in Osmann’s iconic style, always leading him by the hand on a new adventure.


Above: “Nouveau Knight” Full Finger Rings by Bochic featured in #LeTourDeBochic.

Le Tour Image 3

Above: The first #LeTourDeBochic image of Bochic muse, Natalia Zakharova, taken in Tbilisi, Georgia

Stay tuned to @muradosmann, @bochic and @plukka on Instagram for news about the next installment of this groundbreaking collaboration as Murad and Bochic continue to circle the globe in 2015, capturing our imagination with each new dazzling image.