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Destination Country Shipping Duties and Taxes
Australia US$ 30.00 15%
Canada US$ 20.00 12%
Germany US$ 30.00 21%
Hong Kong US$ 0.00** 0%
New Zealand US$ 30.00 20%
Singapore US$ 20.00 7%
Taiwan US$ 20.00 5.1%
United Arab Emirates US$ 30.00 5%
United Kingdom US$ 0.00** 20%
United States US$ 0.00** 0%

*Duties and taxes are applied after all discounts have been subtracted.

**Complimentary shipping is currently offered for deliveries to the United States, United Kingdom, and Hong Kong.

Please review your order carefully.

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About Plukka

What is Plukka?

Plukka is a delightful portmanteau namecombining two English words, "pukka" (genuine, reliable, proper) and"pluck" (courage, resolution).

Plukka aims to delightyou. We aim to be reliable and always a bit daring. Plukka is daring because it aims to delight — on every visit to our website or boutiques.

Plukkaloves originality, talent and quality. We offer a daring collection of leadingedge jewelry designers from around the globe and bring them to you in oneseamlessshopping experience. We discover, nurture and curate to bring you abreathtaking collection of styles, stones and metals, from artful and avant-gardeto classic heirloomjewelry that you can try on in-store or buy online. Discoveryour favorite designers and styles or shop for a made to order design fromPlukka's own branded collection.

Youare not a slave to fashion. You cherish your own personal style as a leader andnot a follower. You love originality and creativity and nurture your own.You've arrived atPlukka, the only global multi-channel jewelry retailer thatoffers you a full-spectrum shopping experience. Shop in-store at Plukkaboutiques in Hong Kong, London and NewYork or enjoy shopping online from yourcomputer or mobile device.

Plukkaoffers the most exciting emerging and established designers from around theworld, as well as products from our own brand. Experience our commitment toeverycustomer and to every designer and find out why Plukka is hailed as aninnovative industry leader that brings the earth's bounty of silver, gold andprecious gems to yourfingertips.

Press & Celebrities

"Scorpion" Full Finger Diamond Ring
"Phoenix Feather" Full Finger Diamond Ring
Yellow Gold "Glam Leopard" Ear Cuff (Left Side)
Jessica Alba
"Clarion" Diamond Ear Cuff (Left Side)
Cathy Lee
"Twining Pixie" Diamond Hand Bracelet
"Guinevere Chainmail" 18K White Gold Diamond Pinky Ring
Marie Claire
"Iron (wo)man" Diamond Hand Bracelet
Jennifer Lopez
"Guinevere Chainmail" 18K White Gold Diamond Pinky Ring
V Magazine
"Cyd" White Sapphire Pave Link Bracelet
Jade "Laughing Buddha" Ring
Pharrell Williams
"Sophia" Amethyst Chandelier Earrings
Emmy Rossum
"Cadeau" Blue Topaz Drop Earrings LZ
Ariel Winter
Green Gold Quartz "Goldeneye" Ring
Bellany Young
"Flaring Grid" 18K Gold Cuff Bracelet
"Cadeau" Rose Quartz Drop Earrings LZ
Rebecca Romijn
"Attica II" White Sapphire Spike Ring
Coco Rocha
"Quadratum" 18K Rose Gold Diamond Earrings
Selita Ebanks
"Eterna" Pave Diamond Necklace
"Bullet" Sterling Silver Ring
Grazia Middle East
"Parabola" Pave Diamond Necklace
Mondanite UAE
"Iron (wo)man" Diamond Hand Bracelet
"Bannerol" (Yellow) Raw Diamond Earrings
Lady Gaga
"Notre Dame" Tsavorite & Diamond Hand Bracelet
"Chandra II" Diamond Four Finger Ring
"Moon Drop" White Quartz Diamond Teadrop Earrings
"Moon Drop" White Quartz Diamond Teadrop Earrings
"Cyd" Ruby & Sapphire Pave Link Bracelet
Bullet 18K Yellow Gold Ring
"Glamourai" 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Chain Ring
"Karla" White Sapphire ID Bracelet
Sapphire & Spinel Pave Spike Link Bracelet
"Bodrum" Multi Gemstone Amethyst Ring
Pearl "Boullee" Bracelet
"Bullet" Sterling Silver Ring
"Pris" Blue Topaz Drop Earrings
Glamour US
Diamond "Catherine" Ring
Glamour UK
Diamond "Lorenzo" Ring
"Glamourai" 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Chain Ring
"Eterna" Pave Diamond Necklace
Rutilated Quartz Earrings with Spikes
Marie Claire
Sapphire & Spinel Pave Spike Link Bracelet
Financial Time
"Giulia" White Agate Diamond Drop Earrings
Ocean Drive
Diamond "Cosimo" Ring
Sapphire & Spinel Pave Spike Link Bracelet
Cyd Sapphire & Spinel Link Bracelet
Orange Sapphire Knot Ring
"Wolverine" Mixed Sapphire Ring
Lola Brazil
Tiger Eye "Tinos" Ring
"Karla" White Sapphire ID Bracelet
Festival Gemstone Ring
"Cadeau" Rose Quartz Drop Earrings LZ
"Man O War" Sapphire Ring
Green Agate "Anemone" Cuff Bracelet
"MM Mini" Blue Sapphire Skull Ring
"Artemis" Diamond Ear Cuff & Earring
Harper's Bazaar China
"Virna" Diamond Hand Bracelet
Harper's Bazaar China
"Luna" 18K Gold & Steel Cuff Bracelet
Harper's Bazaar China

How to Shop

Our goal is to give you exactly what you want — stunning jewelry and personalized service. Plukka's innovative retail model offers thousands of creative designs, made to order on demand. We've curated a collection of original designers and cultivated direct relationships with top craftsmen from around the world. We bring you the newest and most daring designs from independent designers and from our own collection.

Shop online or in our boutiques.

Try on Plukka and feel the power of getting what you want.

In Stock Jewelry

In Stock items are clearly marked with an In Stock icon and are available for immediate shipment. Delivery within the U.S. generally takes place within one week of purchase, but please be sure to check the delivery date stated at the top right of the item page. For customers outside the U.S., delivery may take 2-3 days longer.

Made-to-Order Jewelry

Items not marked with an In Stock icon are manufactured on demand. Once ordered, these items are literally manufactured just for you. Therefore, we usually ship your order 4-6 weeks after your purchase.