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About Plukka

Plukka is a fantastical portmanteau name combining two English words, "pukka" (genuine, reliable, proper) and "pluck" (courage, resolution).

Plukka is an online-only designer fine jewelry brand and ecommerce site offering highly creative luxury designer jewelry through an innovative made-to-order business model which eliminates the customary middlemen associated with traditional fine jewelry distribution.

Plukka's incredible prices are due to the fact that the brand is saddled with neither brick and mortar stores, distribution agents, showrooms nor inventory risk, meaning that Plukka can dispense with the mark-ups ordinarily associated with retailing fine designer jewelry. Additionally, because Plukka doesn't invest in up-front inventory, it can offer jewelry which would be considered too risky or creative for conventional retailers.

The combination of accessibility with world-beating, edgy design make Plukka jewelry a mouth-watering proposition for consumers at every level, every day.

Plukka's business model has been singled out by the fine jewelry industry as the future of fine jewelry retail. The company won the award for Most Innovative Retailer of 2012 in October of that year from the owner of the world's largest jewelry fair, Jewelry News Asia, and its business model was lauded by IDEX, the industry's biggest and most authoritative news outlet, in an article entitled, Wake Up & Smell the Paradigm Shift, in November 2012.

Watch CEO, Joanne Ooi, explain Plukka's business model and pricing on Canada's biggest TV business show, Lang & O'Leary Exchange (February 2013).